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Windings for low power transformers (< 2,000 KVA)

Windings for medium power transformers (from 2.000 KVA to 25.000 KVA)

Windings for high power transformers (> 25,000 KVA)

Windings for special transformers and autotransformers


DUE ESSE manufacture winding with designs supplied from the Customer of High Voltage - Low Voltage - Medium Voltage of the type:

BARREL -etc.

For the realization of the windings DUE ESSE use: 
Wire - Strips Simple - Strips Double - Strips Triple - Transposed Cable isolates to you with Kraft paper, Enamel, Nomex®,  or other insulations.

DUE ESSE, with designs supplied from the Customer, are in degree moreover to supply or search on the market all the material must be employed in the winding construction (cylinders open and closed, spacers, sticks, edge strips, all type of paper and pressboards, tapes, tubes PVC, etc).

DUE ESSE use horizontal winders with structure and suitable power
to the realization of windings of great dimensions with simple or
multiple conductors of high section. 

Dimensions workable windings: 
Internal Diameter: fino a 1.100 mm 
Length: fino a 1.900 mm 
Weight: fino a 2.500 Kg 
Shipment: The windings come from sent we in horizontal or vertical on cribs or pallets reinforced.