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Italian Windings


Lugo 11.12.2013

"Italian Windings", was created from the joint venture between Elettromeccanica MERCANTI s.n.c., DUEESSE s.r.l. and MTW s.r.l..

Forming the group are 3 companies with a combined experience of nearly 100 years in the field of electrical windings production, all of them with important customers worldwide and determined to maintain the highest quality standards to serve them.

The strategic decision of combining our efforts in order to offer outstanding know-how, constant innovation and passion is driven by today’s market trend for buyers to address a restricted number of providers who are able to guarantee efficiency and reliability, not only in terms of raw materials and manufacturing, but also concerning procedures and ethics.

"Italian Windings" was conceived with the objective of being the one contact at a national and international level for the supply of windings for Distribution and Power Transformers dry type, oil-immersed and cast resin with power ranging from 50KVA and 100MVA .

 The 3 companies will keep their structure, production and management unchanged, thus continuing to leverage the experience, resources, technologies and specializations developed over the years .

"Italian Windings" is formed by:

 Elettromeccanica MERCANTI s.n.c. :

Windings for Distribution Transformers with band and wire, small windings with flat wire. Head Office: Lugo (RA) Italia.

MTW s.r.l. :

Windings for Distribution Transformers with band and with flattened wire(Flattening). Head Office: Lugo (RA) Italia.

DUEESSE s.r.l. :

Windings for Power Transformers type layers, continuous disc, interleaved disc with simple flat, double or treble flat and transposed cable. Head Office: Tribano (PD) Italia.



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Mobile: +39 366 2379517

Skype: Italianwindings

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